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Thursday, April 08, 2004


It's been a few days since I put finger to key, but I want everyone to know that the pet crawfish that I've been keeping in the glove box is alive and well. It told me the other night that it wanted to roam free in White Sands, but I am not going to let it. It's going with me to the pacific, and then maybe we'll see if it gets a swim or not. It could be that it has only a little time before it takes a bath in Limoon Juice.

The dudey popper sitting next to me is plotting a methlab in a barn with "173 acres of nothing around it." Can't get caught he thinks. well, a quick email to the local brady county DA should take care of that one. I smell fine, but my pants need a changing. Steven King is the MAN. Listening to the audio book made me rethink what a circle was, cus this guy invented a whole new one.


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