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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My head is melting. My eyes are burning. The office girl is so hot today, but all else is boring. Man she is hot. She is wearing the first outfit that delineates her bunz, and they are as shapely as any man could hope for. I wonder if she gets herself so trim from
riding the cycle, pilates, running (not a likely suspect, since most running thins the ass), nordic trak? I think she's 28, I think. she could be a mere 26. mmm hhmm.
i didn't mention that yestrerday she made some hazelnut and chocolate cookies. good girl. But imagine, if I had retained my popular highschool status from my first bout of 9th grade, or even my second bout of 9th grade and brought it to this office with its perks and requisites, she may well have brought them to me and then sat on my lap.

those were my 9th grades.

On the same floor is Common Cause, one of the big leftwing issues organizations in DC, that 2 years ago I would have traded my left rib cage to work at. Now I look in through their glass doors, and see snobos yacking at nothing, a bunch of perennials yacking around a conference table -- girls, all under 26 -- with plans goin' no whey-ah. Yick.
Imagine the things that go on between those animals.
One time this angry guy stormed out of common cause, sounding like a gravy douche -- or Barney Frank. He told this girl, "Listen, we work together. We've done that for 6 years, working together. Why you messed up our system, and went and talked about me to her, when you knew she couldn't keep her mouth shut, I can not understand."
She said, "blah yap yap blah... seep meeew."
He said, "Oh don't worry, we've known eachother too long for me to get mad at you."
and then it was over.

like that.

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