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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

So I'm temping. and that is good for one reason -- quick money. Amazingly, I had my temping interview yesterday, and then bang - bang! hookamomma, shake! I get a call at noon, can I come quickly to the offices of Laguens, Hamburger, Stone. They need someone bad.

yeah. So i go, and I am here til six. they are political media consultants with a hipster dot.com boom-style office. I've solved two sherlock holmes-themed cryptograms, read as much fantasy baseball column advice as a man can handle, and i got bitched out by a bitch. soon after she bitched me out, a dude came up and said, "don't worry, she's just mean"

this one guy, who in the 'about us' section of their web site is called a guru and a philosopher has gone over to the sitcom set of a kitchen and made himself two bowls of cereal, fried up pork dumplings, and then popped up popcorn. not once was i offred even a tivvle.

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