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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Temping again, this time in Dupont. Real nahce office, very slow place (i don't get how these pumpkins make money). ostensibly I came here to edit and write, but I've been playing online bridge, attending to my fantasy baseball team, and reading the Tale of Genji.

Ohh and there was such a good poem.

It's called A Saitori -- The Melon Farmer

The melon farmer wants me for his wife.
Shall I marry the melon farmer
Before the melons grow?

There's a pretty girl working here at MDB inc. She has that burnt butter deep olive skin, and gorgeous unplucked brown, not black eyebrows. She has a heaving front porch, child-baring hips, and polished round legs. She's friendly... but it's the kind that only goes so far.

It's a pity her beauty is wasted on these people, in this fancy but dreary office, with time spent going in a direction headed nowhere, and a body that will never have hands like mine to run over it.
Sad. I wonder what her weekends are like, what kind of condo she shares in Rockville, and what her hopes and dreams were when she came to Washington.

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