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Monday, June 14, 2004

Wow -- they gave me new responsibilities at this PR firm. Huge. I took part in a conference call about a text that is the result of a conference on the dangers of office mold in federal workplaces. Wait though, the dangers they were talking about in this conference of bores was not directed at the overall federal workforce of 2.4 million.


(before I continue, SUZY. Who are you my dear? Are you a little psycho?)

It was directed at the remediators (read mold cleaners) who would get rid of the mold.
The conference was about coming up with safe practices for the workers -- including workshops and apparel they should wear while cleaning mold.

So I've been editing that text. My god.

I was also asked to come up with a media strategy for getting this across to federal building managers. are you drooling at the prospect of reading my media strategy for this?

Here goes:
Approaching a media strategy for this:
#Position approach to: a. Say that it should be taken as seriously as Lead or Asbestos for remediation workers/maintenance workers. B. Consider the value of instructing workers in light of $10 billion dollars in legal claims over the past 9 years. C. Encourage building managers/worker standard officers to incorporate office mold remediation techniques discussed in recent conference, send their workers to workshops that teach according to conference’s recommendations, and adopt safe practices to protect workers’ health. D. Emphasize short amount of time and training req. for safe practice with mold remediation

ok, I wanted to hold off before you climaxed. Like a good japanese concubine, I am trained in the art of "So far, but not too much."

-- and no they don't talk about it in the tale of genji, I got it from clavell's Shogun

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