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Monday, October 11, 2004

I'm not short handed of time, but I certainly did forget that this thing existed.

I am in inspiired mode right now. I just went on my balcony for a view of the metropolis -- and had a glass of wine in hand. gazillion dollar view....

I've been editing an article for alternet this evening, and smoking pot. How much trouble? So much trouble in the world.

And now I'm listening to Bob Marley's incredible album Survival.

They don't want us to unite.
they don't want to see us live together.

All they want to do is see us fighting one another.

Wow the first three songs are something else.

where are the ladies in moi life? I'll tell you... they are just around the corner.
And money? ooh lots.

Cred? some.

friends? all middle-aged. that's the bad part.

books? THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA by philip roth.

did I mention that this city is like... the fuckin' bomb?

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