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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

We left Jack behind in Tuscon and went forth to Riverside, California. Riverside is home of Mothra (pronounced "Muf-phra"), Jan's gradnmother. She got her name after taking one of Jan's relations to see the film "Godzilla Versus Mothra". Every since, she has gone by the moniker "Mothra".

That, and her ability to shoot flames out of her eyes and her propensity for knocking over large buildings. We went to the nursery today and picked out some flowers for her yard and two large bags of manure for her tomato plants.

Today was glorious for other reasons as well. I found a "Dual 8mm/Super 8mm film editor-viewer" in a thrift store for $7. It works, too. California is great. Also, when we got donuts this morning, the donut shop had a pinball machine. Gilligan's Island. Which I played 7 or 8 times.

Tonight we make dinner and I head into LA to party with the rich and famous. Though I don't know how much more famous you can get than Mothra.


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